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lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009

About our Proyect: Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

The Problem

Actually the big companys use a lot electrical energy for opering their diferents computers system, from job stations until big server and the diferent supplies neccesary as datacenters, air-conditioning, ilumination, UPS, racks, etc etc. The purpose is satisfy the demands of information between the users.

Our Solution

We found a solutions in Netherlands, here a group of architects are developing a new technology in buildings. These buildings are especials because, they can create their own energy through solar panles installed on each floor, these building have some new important details that for examples that each floor can rotate separately so they get all the light of the sun in any time in the day. These buildings also have in their apartment wind turbines to produce energy but this time aking advantage of the wind, that energy can used for the building and for building arround it.

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